World Famous Cherries

Stemilt is all about delivering a World Famous eating experience with cherries. Growing cherries is about doing a lot of little things right and perfecting the cold chain. From our picturesque farms to modern packing facilities, and incredible hands-on team, we have many point of differentiation that make our cherries worthy of being called World Famous.

Dark Sweet Cherries

A gem of summertime fruit with sweet and tangy flavors.

Dark Sweet Cherry Resources

Rainier Cherries

The golden cherry with a super-sweet bite.

Rainier Cherry Resources

Skylar Rae® Cherries

Meet the sweetest cherry you’ll ever eat!

Skylar Rae Cherry Resources


5 River Islands Brand Cherries
Sweet cherries grown in California’s beautiful Delta region

Kyle's Pick Brand Cherries
Given the stamp of exceptional approval from Kyle Mathison himself

Moon Cherries Brand
Mystical cherries grown 2,640 feet above sea level and higher

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Kyle’s Pick® Cherries

Sometimes in life, we must treat ourselves to something special. Enter Kyle’s Pick® cherries. Stemilt reserves its biggest and best cherries for this special pack, which is named after our cherry king and 4th generation grower Kyle Mathison.


The Equitable Food Initiative is a third-party audited certification that was designed by multiple stakeholders (workers, growers, retailers, and consumers) in the supply chain to work together to increase transparency and assurance around farm working conditions, food safety and address industry challenges.

Responsible Choice®

Stemilt founder Tom Mathison started Responsible Choice® in 1989. Today, it’s how Stemilt stewards an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business.

Artisan Organics

At Stemilt, organic summer fruit (stone fruit) has been a promise and family passion since 1989. That’s when founder Tom Mathison boldly transitioned hundreds of acres to organic. His foresight helped Stemilt become a leader in organic tree fruits today.

Clamshell 1lb Kyle’s Pick Dark Sweet Cherries angle

1lb Kyles Pick Dark Sweet Cherries clamshell **.jpg white background ***.png transparent background – rebranded summer 2023 (previous below)

Clamshell 1lb Kyle’s Pick Dark Sweet Cherries

1lb Kyle’s Pick Dark Sweet Cherries Clamshell **.jpg white background ***.png transparent background – rebranded summer 2023 (previous below)