Happi Pear®

Happi Pear® brings you a different fruit experience with an unexpected bite. It’s sweet in flavor, optimistic in nature and the fruit for every smile™.

Changing the Pear Category

Happi Pear® shakes up the pear category as one of the few branded pears available. Happi Pear’s® unexpected bite is distinctive to the expectation people may have for pears with sweet and cheery flavors!

Simple and Refreshing

A uniquely sweet and zesty bite isn’t the only distinguishing flavor characteristic of Happi Pear®, its texture and uplifting flavor is what makes this pear of dessert quality.


Happi Pear® starts its harvest along with other pear varieties in September. Currently, it is available from late September thru early November.

A Different Kind of Pear

Grown for life’s simple moments, Happi Pear® is a natural cross-between Harrow Sweet and NY10353 pears, creating an attractive and delicious fruit.

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