EZ Band

Stemilt’s EZ Band is a new sustainable packaging solution to help sell jumbo and large sized apples in store and online formats. The pack is tension banded to ensure package strength and is fully recyclable made from 100% paperboard.

Artisan Organics EZ Band

A full line up of Artisan Organics® EZ Band is available including fan favorite varieties like Honeycrisp, Pink Lady®, Fuji and Granny Smith.

Artisan Organics EZ Band Resources

Rave® EZ Band

Outrageously juicy and flaunting fuchsia red colors, Rave® apples are now available in the EZ Band to kick off the season. Familiarize consumers with the refreshing, snappy taste of Rave® in a vibrant package that instantly displays at retail.

Rave® EZ Band Resources

Cosmic Crisp® EZ Band

Enjoy the dream apple with perfect flavor, now in a conventional and organic EZ Band. Cosmic Crisp® continues to rise in popularity and now there’s opportunity to expand the organic category and create appeal with a recyclable package.

Cosmic Crisp® EZ Band Resources

SweeTango® EZ Band

Have the best of both worlds with the sweetness of SweeTango® apples in conventional or organic EZ Band packs. Make SweeTango®’s return to market loud (just like its crunch) with branded packaging that encourages quick purchases at the consumer’s convenience.

SweeTango® EZ Band Resources

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