SweeTango® Apples

SweeTango® is the brand name for Minnieska cultivar apples, a successor to Honeycrisp apples with lively notes of citrus, honey, and spice.

Big Crunch, Bigger Taste

Thanks to our super fans of this apple, SweeTango® regularly tops the charts when it comes to sales. During October, the month fondly referred to as National Apple Month, sales skyrocket for this apple.

Honey, Spice, and Everything Nice

SweeTango® apples are perfect to crunch on as a refreshing snack. It pairs very well sliced and diced on top of salads or with an assortment of cheese. SweeTango is sweet tasting with a lively touch of citrus, honey, and spice.


The SweeTango® season starts in late August and will vary in length based on the crop size, but it can usually be found in grocery stores until the New Year. It’s grown in multiple regions, but Stemilt supplies the Western U.S. We grow organic SweeTango too!

Natural Breeding

Apple breeders at the University of Minnesota made thousands of crosses of apples before they finally developed SweeTango®. To do this, they took two parent apple varieties, Honeycrisp and Zestar®, and crossed their pollen resulting in one crisp, sweet and tangy apple, SweeTango®.

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