Artisan Organics®

Our Artisan Organics™ apple and pear programs are focused on growing great qualities and modern flavors that will delight consumers. At Stemilt, organic fruit has been a promise and family passion since 1989 when Stemilt founder, Tom Mathison, boldly transitioned hundreds of acres to organic.

Our Organic Commitment

We are continuously increasing our organic volume and currently grow 27% of our apple orchards organically, and 17% of pear orchards organically. Our summertime apricots, peaches and nectarines are grown 100% organically by the Douglas Family in Pasco, WA.

Organic Apples

Apples are grown in modern, trellised orchards with strict harvest protocols to ensure continuous supply of top organic apples most months of the year. We grow organic apples in central Washington.

Organic Pears

Pears are challenging to grow organically, but we have the growers and orchard sites to produce exceptional organic pears. The best pear growing locales in the world make it possible to grow this fruit organically.

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Organic Cherries

Stemilt is a leader organic cherries. Dark-sweet and Rainier cherries are available in the Artisan Organics™ label from early June through July each summer. We grow organic cherries in Washington State.

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Organic Summer Fruit

The Douglas family’s entire crop of peaches, nectarines, and apricots are grown organically. These 4th generation growers farm in the Columbia Basin, where weather conditions are ideal throughout the four seasons.

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Artisan Organics

At Stemilt, organic summer fruit (stone fruit) has been a promise and family passion since 1989. That’s when founder Tom Mathison boldly transitioned hundreds of acres to organic. His foresight helped Stemilt become a leader in organic tree fruits today.

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