5 River Islands® Cherries

We all long for the complex flavors of dark-sweet cherries at the start of each summer, and California’s unique Delta region makes for the best cherry growing conditions. The Delta locale is the magic behind 5 River Islands® cherries.

Grown in the California Delta

5 River Islands® cherries are grown in California’s beautiful Delta region where 1,100 square miles link nearly 60 islands and more than 700 waterways to form one of the most unique farming grounds in the country.

Sweet, Summertime Flavors

Lapin cherries are hand-picked at just the right time to deliver sweet, and tangy summertime flavors.


Saving the best for last, 5 River Islands® cherries are available from late May to mid-June wrapping up the California cherry season.

The California Delta Region

The California Delta region is a flat terrain with a medium climate of warm days and cool nights. The Lapin cherry thrives in this unique environment soaking up the sun to develop complex flavors.

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