Rushing Rivers® Pears

Rushing Rivers® pears come straight from the unique growing locales of the Wenatchee and Entiat Valley in Washington State. We grow multiple pear varieties under the Rushing Rivers® brand including Red pears, Bartlett, D’Anjou, Bosc, and Concorde.

Our Secret Weapons

Harvesting these pears at the right time and caring for them at every step from storage to shipment is the Stemilt pear difference. From jet coolers for summer pears to ripening rooms for winter pears, we have many secrets up our sleeves to ensure flavor comes first when it comes to our pears.

The Stemilt Pear Difference

Our controlled atmosphere rooms are specifically designed for pears to ensure that we pack our pears fresh to order. With just the right mix of humidity, temperature, and airflow, we’ve perfected the recipe for ripening pears through our RipeRite™ program so you can enjoy fruit of high-quality and perfect ripeness.


Harvest starts for pears in August with Bartlett and Starkrimson kicking off the season. Pears are available from Stemilt most months of the year, with d’Anjou’s going into the summer months.

Grown in the Wenatchee and Entiat Valley

Grown in the Wenatchee and Entiat Valleys in Washington State, Rushing River® pears thrive in the best pear growing locales in the world. Parallel regions separated by mountains and rushing rivers provide nutrient rich soils and great airflow for growing clean, quality pears.

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