Rave® Apples

Meet Rave® brand MN55 cultivar apples, the Honeycrisp successor and Stemilt signature apple with a zippy flavor and a refreshing snappy zing!

Rave® Ignites August Apple Sales

According to Nielsen retail scan data, Rave® ranked as the #1 club apple and the #6 apple overall at one regional retailer in the first six weeks of apple season with nearly 100 lbs. sold per week.

Outrageous Flavor

Take one bite, and you’ll understand why this is the apple people can’t stop raving about! Rave® is a cross between the beloved Honeycrisp and MonArk apple which gives it the signature crunch and fracture of a Honeycrisp with a vibrant skin and fine, white flesh.

Apple Season Kick-off

Rave® kicks off the apple season with flying fuchsia colors and is only available for a limited time from August through September. The arrival of Rave® apples in stores signifies the start of apple season!

Natural Breeding

Rave® was born through traditional cross-pollination methods at the University of Minnesota’s Apple Breeding Program. Cross-pollination involves bringing two parent varieties together in a natural environment to develop a new variety. Rave® is not genetically modified, it inherited its zippy attitude from its parent apples naturally!

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